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Business Opportunities in the USA

United States of America always has been open to people who wish to do business in their country. The investment that comes in helps them with job creation and they give highest priority to this. Hence US has been always welcoming to Entrepreneurs who wish to invest in their country and setup a business. One can simply setup a company and start doing business in the US without actually migrating there. But if one wishes to move there with their family, then they can do so by using the EB5 or E2 Programs bandarqq365.

There are so many different versions of EB5 programs out there, which one to choose is a biggest task of an investor. What we provide is very Creative and Simple approach to the madness that is out in the Industry. First and foremost, goal of ours is to have the 150% surety of Client getting Green Card. So, we use the methods that approves them on paper before filing the paperwork. We control the process of filing the paperwork and we give some Equity and operating control of the Business to the Investor so they can see their investment 24/7 and keep an eye on it. Here are some examples of activities that we have currently in mind bandarqq365.

1.        Wholesale Trading – Here’s one example: Aluminum is the most recycled material in the world. USA markets recent rate is about $1,100 to $1,250 per ton. This is thru Wholesale dealers and if we are buying continuously, then we can get it cheaper from direct manufactures on a yearly contract basis. Current price in Dubai is around $1,600 and it sells in India for about $1,650 to $1,700. The price gap is always there, and the price does fluctuate but, margin remains constant. We can bring 1,000 plus tons per month and it will sell before it hits the Indian Port. We can setup a new Company in California where Investment will be Deposited. When we start trading, we have NOT lost financial control, either we have cash in the bank or ownership of the merchandise. We will only invoice and sell to our own company in India and we only sell for cash payment and our risk of losing money is zero. We can replace this same strategy with Almonds, Some Electronics parts and many more.



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