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My job may be wrong, but I have never let my children go hungry or suffer

Dancer Tram Anh’s confession made many men feel sorry and wish to protect her. 

In recent days, many clips have appeared on social networks with content reflecting scenes of dancers at a beach bar in Ha Long City, Klubslot Quang Ninh wearing revealing costumes and dancing, causing offense. Including some female idol faces in Ha Long such as Tram Anh, Quynh Nga, Thuy Linh…

Suddenly famous, the Ha Long idol series suddenly had people “ligaplay88” their personal lives. Notably, recently, people were “lapak303” by the news that “national wife” Tram Anh is a single mother.

This information was shared by Tram Anh herself on her personal TikTok along with a moment of hugging an extremely cute baby boy. The female dancer also confided: “My job may be wrong, but I have never let you go hungry or suffer. When you grow up, you will understand what society is like out there. There are times when I want to break down and mutter bad words, but no one understands the feeling of carrying all the burden of taking care of your child alone.”



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