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Keep your smartphone hidden

A lot of people use their phone to talk to a friend or loved one while they’re walking home at night to make themselves feel safer. But rather than holding your phone to your ear, we recommend going hands-free, so you can keep your phone safe and your hands and eyes free from distractions.

You can enable your maps to read out directions to you via your headphones, so you don’t have to keep looking at your phone to work out where you need to go. This means you don’t need to have your phone on display, while also helping you to keep your attention focused on your surroundings anginqq.

Going hands-free will mean you can keep your smartphone tucked away somewhere safe. After all, you won’t be able to use your smartphone to keep you safe if somebody pinches it. And walking around with a premium device in your hand or sticking out of your pocket can unfortunately lead to your phone being stolen.

It’s important to keep your phone somewhere that’s safe but easily accessible to you while you’re out and about. So it can be a good idea to hide it in an inside coat pocket or in a zip-up compartment on your bag or scarf. This will make it much harder for a pickpocket to swipe your phone anginqq.

We caught up with Jillian Kowalchuk, founder and CEO of the Safe & the City app, who said, “Our phones can feel like extensions of ourselves and we may forget how valuable they are to others. Treat your phone as another valuable to take precautions against opportunistic criminals.”



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