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How to keep your mobile phone secure

Nowadays, most of us have a lot of personal information stored on our phones. Whether you use online banking, have your Amazon account linked to your debit card, or even if you just keep personal information like account details, addresses or private contact numbers stored in your emails, your phone is likely filled with sensitive data aslidomino.

Here are our best tips to keep yourself safe and secure while online aslidomino.

  1. Use strong lock screen security
  2. Lock your apps
  3. Log out of apps and services
  4. Use a password manager
  5. Beware of spam emails and phishing emails
  6. Use an antivirus app
  7. Don’t use unofficial app stores or “jailbreak” your phone
  8. Download extra security software and/or a VPN
  9. Avoid public networks and public charging points
  10. Update your phone’s software regularly
  11. Use two-factor authentication
  12. Don’t store personal information on your phone


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