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BerandaArchitecturePro tips for advancing the collective voice of entrepreneurs

Pro tips for advancing the collective voice of entrepreneurs

Make sure to carve out time before a meeting with a policymaker to prepare your talking points, create an agenda, and conduct your research. Get to know which specific policies they support, the key issues on their dockets, and on which committees they serve. However, don’t bring up specific policies or voting patterns – keep the conversation at a high level.

Gather information on the causes or issues that the policymaker you are meeting with invests time in. Document any barriers you are facing because of any regulation or policies, and research whether the legislator has worked on this area in the past modalqq.

Connect to a cause

Policymakers are passionate about specific issue areas. Based on the research you have done, be sure to highlight a shared interest or cause that you both care about.

If possible, explain how your company and team is supporting that issue area in their home district. Concisely illustrate the impact your business creates in your local economy and how you have been able to create jobs, raise capital, and generate wealth for the local ecosystem. If you have a double or triple bottom line, be sure to highlight the broader positive impact modalqq.

Be authentic – this helps create a connection between you and the legislator. When you can find an issue that is relevant to both of you, something that they have some ability to help with or that helps to achieve their own goals, it creates opportunity for action.

Next steps and follow up

Have actionable next steps and “asks” ready before the meeting. If you are struggling to achieve growth because of a barrier related to a policy or regulation, talk about this barrier. Don’t be afraid to highlight the opportunity for you and the policymakers’ constituents if that barrier is removed.

Your time might be best spent focused on education around issue areas and opportunities, instead of directly advocating for any specific bill. This keeps the conversation focused on the big picture of encouraging more growth for entrepreneurs and America.



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