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How to Decorate a Bedroom

Your bedroom should be a space you look forward to returning to at the end of a busy day. If you’re not sure what to keep in mind when decorating your sleep space, we’re here to help. Keep these key designer-approved tips in mind whether you’re furnishing your room from scratch or just tackling some overdue upgrades incarqq.

Ensure Your Space Isn’t Cramped

Sure, the idea of a large mattress may seem nice and luxurious, but not if it will make your entire sleep space appear teeny tiny as a result. “I would trade a king for a full any day if it gave me more floor space,” notes Avery Cox of Avery Cox Design. You’ll thank yourself later when you have room for nightstands on either side!

Cut the Clutter

Just as you don’t want your bedroom to feel cramped with furniture, you don’t want it to feel too cluttered with accessories and other belongings, either. Cox offers a few tips on securing storage even if your room is small. “Make sure your bedside table has a drawer in it, utilize bedskirts and under bed boxes, opt for a taller larger scale armoire or dresser to take advantage of vertical space, she offers. “Lastly, get as much up off the floor as possible,” she adds. “I prefer wall hooks, large storage solutions like armoires, and high functioning bedside tables. Skip the basket on the floor and get yourself a proper drawer for your extra throw blankets, et. cetera incarqq.”

Keep Colors Subdued

Your bedroom probably isn’t the place in which to experiment with all things neon. “For bedrooms, I love to stick with neutral, calming, and more muted colors,” states Cristina Lehman of C.Lehman Home. Introduce whites, creams, soft blues, and other soothing shades and you’re golden!



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